Philip Giordano, Ligurian by origin but Japanese by adoption, is a multi-talented illustrator. We’re holding an exhibition of his work created in lithograph and silkscreen, as well as some of his editorial projects. Ligurian by origin but Japanese by adoption, I met Philip Giordano a few years ago traversing one or two oceans (depending on which way he travels) and various time zones to interview him at 7 in the morning. This evening however, at only a few bus stops away from my home, I will be able to see his prints at Inuit, where the team at this fantastic book/comic/fanzine shop in Bologna suggested I come to the exhibition only a few days ago. The exhibition shows his work created in lithograph, silkscreen and a few editorial projects. 


QUANDO: 28 marzo 2013 | 19,00
DOVE: Inuit | via Petroni 19/c, Bologna | mappa | facebook