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Ever since she had been with Sandro she had stitched back on an ear, a finger, a foot, a hand and even a breast. But she had become so good that you couldn’t see all those stitches with the naked eye, and she had found a thread that was the colour of flesh.

BilBolBul14: Elisa Talentino new illustrated book

Sandro is an ordinary man. He has broad shoulders and a serious gaze, he walks often and talks little. Sandro is one of those men who never raises a hand against anyone, yet that hand knows how to cause pain either way. It’s a relationship, with someone like him, that becomes a cycle-continously repairing, stitching up pieces of yourself which have been torn apart.

Violence doesn’t always mean blood and bruises, shouts and crime news. Violence can also become a friend, sharing every day together, like a ‘lover’ you mistook for love but one who wears you out inside (how many others like Sandro do you know then?)

The story is written by Luisa Pellegrino, author and translator, and focuses on the unjust inequality in a relationship. Turin illustrator Elisa Talentino visually translates these concepts, atmospheres and madness. The book was curated and printed by Inuit Editions using silkscreen and Risograph, and produced alongside the festival of La violenza illustrata.

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In occasione del BilBolbul 2014 in collaborazione con Hamelin, La Casa delle Donne e tanti altri è stato organizzata presso la Galleria Marzadori la presentazione del libro e la mostra di serigrafie e ceramiche del progetto BdS.

Al termine del festival è stato pensato e realizzato un nuovo allestimento per la mostra presso Inuit Bookshop rimanendo così visitabile fino al 15 gennaio 2015.